Time To Take Stock

The days between Christmas and New Year can easily blend into a blur of festive food, drinks, chocolate, movies, family, more drinks, more food, more chocolate, even more family!  For some, these days are a welcome break before the New Year is upon us, for others it’s a time to try to cram as much in as possible so every moment is full.

Why do we feel we need to fill every moment over the festive seasons with things to do? Do we have a fear of missing out? Or are we just used to running at full speed all the time so when the chance to take a break comes we don’t realise it’s there?

If your yuletide has left you more frantic and stressed than full of good tidings ad joy, coaching could show you how you can manage your year in such a way that the jolly fortnight becomes part of a year long relaxed and happy time.

Of course most people when pressed on what they really want would say ‘I want to be happy’ but what does happiness actually mean to you and how can you manifest it meaningfully in your everyday life?

Happiness means something different to all of us. Life coaching will help you discover (or indeed rediscover) what happiness means to you and how to have more of it in your life.

So sneak off for five minutes and think about the topics we’ve covered over the last few weeks and what impact improvements in these areas could have on your life in 2018. (If you need a refresher, all the topics are available on my website).

Consider how better health could help you to enjoy life more and think about what practical steps you can take to get healthy, whether it’s being more active, eating better or taking more time to relax.

Think about your wealth and what you need to do to change your situation. What are the practical steps – is there something you can do right now like open a savings account – you can do it in an instant online.

Take a deep breath and look at the relationships you have with the people around you.  Unless there are serious relationship issues that need attention, try to relax and not take everything personally – everyone is dealing with their own issues and nursing their own wounds. Concentrate on the positive comments and people that make you happy and keep those in your heart.

Whether you’re working over the festive period or you’ve got a few days off, now is a good time to think about your career. Is it still on the right track or is it time to move to the next level? Maybe it’s time for a new direction entirely.

If your house is feeling a little cluttered from all those gifts, now is an excellent time to have a think about what you really need and want from your environment. As you start thinking about taking down the decorations, start to plan what you’d like to change in the New Year.

And finally, decide that feeling good is not just for Christmas. You don’t have to return it on the 2nd of January. Make a conscious decision to enjoy every moment of your life. When you go through a difficult experience, see what you can learn from it and when you go through an easier time, take notice what makes it so and how you can incorporate more of that in your life.

Now, I think it’s time for more chocolate, don’t you?