What People Are Saying About Me…

“I had the interview on Wednesday and I just found out today that I’ve got the job, I’m literally speechless and so happy. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t met you so thank you so much.” J

“Coaching with Mariki has helped me to enjoy life more and to learn to say ‘no’ without the ongoing guilt, in a variety of circumstances, which had shaped my life for so long.” H

“Having coaching sessions has helped me help myself view and interpret things in a new light, which has given me a new sense of freedom and enlightenment.” H

“Thank you for a VERY helpful session. With your clarity and direction, we have been able to bring many issues into sharp focus and develop a concrete action plans with a specific time frame. Thanks for putting me on the right path.” J

“Thank you for the clear thinking in our life coaching sessions – I can already see results from clearing away the mists of excuses and procrastination.” F

Just wanted to say that I am finding great benefit in your life coaching. I believe it’s something most people need, but don’t realise they need it!” L