Your Environment And Life Coaching – How To Achieve Your Environment Aims In 2018

Your environment is extremely important to your feeling of wellbeing, contentment and sense of security. What do we mean by ‘environment’? Simply put, your environment is where you live and where you work but it also stretches well beyond these boundaries to the places where you socialise, where you go to relax, to reenergise and to have fun. The environment you create for yourself (and you do have enormous control over your surroundings) can influence your mood, it can create or reduce stress, impact your behaviour and also play a part in your relationship with those around you. Your environment can lift your spirits and stimulate your creativeness. Your environment can even enhance your energy levels. When everything around you is dirty, broken and messy, how can you expect your mind and spirit to be uplifted? By changing your environment you can make a huge difference to the quality of your life.


Step number one is to have a look at your current situation. So – how do you feel about your home, where you work and where you spend the rest of your time? Do you look forward to coming home at the end of the day or does the thought of opening your front door fill you with dread? Is your workspace conducive to clear thought and productivity? Do you have a space where you can truly relax or is every corner filled to the brim? As with previous exercises, give your environment a score from 1 to 10 where 10 is ‘I love every single thing about the space around me’ and 1 is ‘a nice cleansing fire would really improve the place’.


Have a think about what you would like from your environment? Where would you like to live, work and play and what do you want those spaces to look like? Can you relax if your house is mess? Can you work if your office is dull and uninspiring? Do you have somewhere to go, whether in your house or outside of it, that gives you a chance to recharge? Have a think about your assessment of your current environment and what the difference is between your ‘right now space’ and your ‘ideal space’. Remember that everyone’s idea of a good environment differs – some people need noise and colour and chaos to be creative, others prefer a minimalist space totally free of cover. Some are happy somewhere in-between. Its okay to want to raise your standards.


We’re going to look at three areas of your environment where you can start to make a difference. These are just three examples, you can pick any aspect of the spaces you surround yourself in on a daily basis for the purpose of this exercise.

  1. The space you call home is extremely important and it does not matter if it is a single room you’re renting, a two-up two-down you’ve lived in for decades or a palace you won in the lottery, it is vital to your well-being. If you are not happy in your home environment, there are small changes you can make that don’t have to cost you a fortune but can make a huge difference on a day to day basis.


Home Action Point: The changes you can make range in size from just tidying up the space around you to selling up and moving to the other side of the world. Don’t be daunted by the challenges, no matter how big or small. If your dream is to have a house on the beach in California, don’t let limiting beliefs hold you back – instead start to think about the real-life practical steps you have to take to get there. If you’re happy in your house but it doesn’t feel like home, think about what will make a difference on a daily basis in your surroundings? Open the windows and let some fresh air and life into the rooms. Remove objects or photos that cause you distress on a daily basis by reminding you of painful memories. Dig out the dust clothes and get to it.


  1. Think about where you work – Your desk is your territory or ‘home’ while you are there – what do you need from that space to make it work for you?


Place of work Action Point: While there might be a limit to what you can change in a shared office (your boss might not appreciate you putting up bamboo walls around your desk!) there are small changes you can make to improve your space. A simple thing like a nice bottle for water and a glass to drink from will differentiate and personalise your space. If your company practises a clear desk policy then bring it out in the morning and pack it away at night – it will become part of your ritual that starts and ends your workday. If you spend a lot of time travelling for work, make sure you have your car serviced and cleaned – provide comforts to yourself. It is the ideal time to listen to good music, inspirational talks or an exciting audio book. Make this space a great space to be in. If you have a home office, can you change it so that you can’t wait to get to work? What needs changing? A coat of paint or a better office chair? If this is where you spend a lot of your time, is it not worth investing in to make sure you’re as productive as you can be?


  1. We’ve talked before about the importance of relaxation in your life and we don’t just mean a long bubble bath in candlelight with a good book and a glass of wine – though we wouldn’t say no! How you relax can be anything from a night in the pub with friends to a long walk in the countryside with a dog. And you have a lot of control over the environment you chose to relax in.


Relaxation Action Point: Look around your neighbourhood. Is there a new coffee shop or gym you can attend? Can you spend your time in a place that interests you? If you are an art lover, see if you can find as many spaces around you where art is on display – many galleries are free to attend and just being in that environment will make you feel relaxed and inspired. If you want a canine buddy for those walks but can’t afford one of your own, look for services like Borrow My Doggy or volunteer at a local rescue centre. And if your idea of the perfect relaxation space is that candlelit bath, take some time to clean the bathroom, light those candles and lock that door!


The action points you have noted could take as little as 15 minutes (to dust the living room) or as long as five years (to move to that California beach house). No matter the size, there are some steps that you can take right now to start making a difference to your environment. So make time in 2018 to seriously consider where and how you spend your time. Aim to raise the level of enjoyment in your space and be aware of how this can help you in all other areas of your life. And don’t forget, it could be as simple as just appreciating where you are now. If you want some more help and guidance to make some changes in your environment, or any other area of your life, drop us an email on