Moving House – A Survival Guide

Week 3

Building A New Support Network

One of the hardest things about moving home is moving away from your friends and family. Building a new support network takes time and can be a lonely process but it will help you to feel at home in a new area.

Here are our top tips for getting out there and making new friends:

  1. One of the quickest ways to make new friends is to join a group – if you are religious, find a church or group that resonates with you and go. After only one visit you will recognise people and before you know it, people will start to say “hi”.
  2. Check the local newspapers and magazines for interest groups like writers, gardeners or historians – just about anything that catches your interest – and go along to the next meeting.
  3. If you are sporty, have a look for classes or groups in your area. Maybe there’s a runners group or regular yoga class that you can join.
  4. Buy local! If you have any small shops pop in and buy your milk or a newspaper – Seeing your face regularly and making small talk is another way of becoming part of the community. Don’t forget to check any noticeboards for things happening in your area.
  5. Say good morning to the neighbours. Some people are just afraid to become friendly but don’t let that put you off. If some of the neighbours acknowledge you, concentrate on them and don’t worry too much about unfriendly people.
  6. Look for volunteer opportunities. If you love animals check at local shelters to see if they need a helping hand or if you are craving conversation check in with local care homes where there are frequent coffee mornings for volunteers.
  7. If you don’t see any meetings in your area, don’t be afraid to set up your own. I guarantee there are other people in your area who would like to get out more and make new friends.

Making new friends will take time so try to have patience with the process and if you do have days where you’d rather stay in remember that’s okay too.

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