Moving House – A Survival Guide

Week 1

Moving Day

There are many reasons why you might need to move house – anything from a change in your circumstances due to bereavement or divorce, a new job or family demands. No matter the circumstances, organising and arranging for a big move is demanding and having to say goodbye to friends and family can be an emotional time.

Here are some of our top tips for before, during and after the big move to help you get through it with as little stress as possible:

  1. Sorting out what you still want in your life can be a very liberating experience and packing up for a move is a great opportunity for a clear-out. We can prepare for a new start by getting rid of old memories and possessions that no longer serve us.
  2. What steps can you take to make the move easier for you? Would you rather have a removal people pack your house from top to bottom or prefer to tackle the task yourself?
  3. Use a reputable company to carry out the move. It might cost a little extra but a good removal company will take a lot of stress out of moving day.
  4. If there are people who you would like to stay in touch with make sure that you set up the channels for communications before you leave – get those change of address cards ready. Remember that with emails, Skype, WhatsApp and many other free options, staying in touch is not the issue it was in the past.
  5. If you’re moving away from elderly relatives, make sure you are happy with any new arrangements for their care and try to trust your arrangements and have faith in others to help you look after the ones you left behind.
  6. If it is possible, arrange your first return visit before you leave so that you and others know when they will see you again. This is especially important if you have elderly parents. They will have something to look forward too and that will make you feel better.
  7. Prepare a survival kit for moving day – some snacks, important paperwork, keys for the new house and whatever you want the first thing to take pride of place in your new home to be.
  8. Keep in mind that nowhere is perfect! Our memories can be distorted and we tend to remember only the good – this is not a true reflection. There is good and bad in every place if you look for it.
  9. Decide to make the most of the opportunity. Feeling unhappy about something that you cannot avoid robs you of precious time. We can never get a minute of time back, decide to look for the benefits and how you can grow with this experience.

If you have a big move coming up and would like support through this period, please get in touch through to see how a Life Coach can help.