Time To Take Stock

Time To Take Stock The days between Christmas and New Year can easily blend into a blur of festive food, drinks, chocolate, movies, family, more drinks, more food, more chocolate, even more family!  For some, these days are a welcome break before the New Year is upon us, for others it’s a time to try [...]

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Your Mind/Spirit And Life Coaching

Your Mind/Spirit And Life Coaching – How To Achieve Your Mind/Spirit Aims In 2018 In the rush to get that promotion, buy a dream house or keep up with all the relationships in your life, it can be very easy to neglect your mental and spiritual well-being but without taking the time to look after [...]

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Your Environment And Life Coaching

Your Environment And Life Coaching – How To Achieve Your Environment Aims In 2018 Your environment is extremely important to your feeling of wellbeing, contentment and sense of security. What do we mean by ‘environment’? Simply put, your environment is where you live and where you work but it also stretches well beyond these boundaries [...]

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Coaching and your relationships

Relationships And Life Coaching – How To Achieve Your Relationship Aims In 2018 Much of our lives are governed by our relationships and these take all shapes and sizes, ranging from family to friends to lovers to co-workers, and anyone who has ever been in a difficult relationship will know how it can influence all [...]

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Achieve Your Career Aims In 2018

Your Career And Life Coaching – How To Achieve Your Career Aims In 2018 For many people, work is the place where you spend the most amount of your time so having a job that you love is a vital part of achieving the happy and balanced life that you deserve. Whatever stage you are [...]

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Your Financial Aims- 2018

Wealth And Life Coaching – How To Achieve Your Financial Aims In 2018 Being wealthy can mean different things to different people. For some, driving the latest model car or living in a huge house and going on lavish holidays is a sign of wealth. For others, being wealthy can simply mean having money left [...]

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Achieve your health aims in 2018

 Health And Life Coaching – How To Achieve Your Health Aims In 2018 Over the next seven weeks – just in time for Christmas – we are going to look at seven key areas of your life and start to look at some tools and techniques so by the end of 2017 you will know [...]

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Welcome to Life Coaching – Easy Planning for 2018

Welcome to Life Coaching! My coaching journey began long before I started my professional life coach training in 2011. I first qualified as a primary school teacher with main subjects such as psychology and pedagogy, not knowing how this would support my future career. Throughout my career as a teacher,  office manager and then HR [...]

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