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The Rabbit Hole of Fear

What if? At the moment the whole world seems ready to go down the "what if" rabbit hole. “What if they have to close the schools because of Covid-19?” “What if I can’t go to work because of the coronavirus?” “What if I get the coronavirus?” What if I die of the coronavirus?” Go down [...]

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Life After Divorce – Part 2

Simple and small steps to help you rebuild your life after divorce

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Life After Divorce

This is what I know Nothing ever stays the same. From the moment we are born, our bodies change. As soon as we think, we change our minds and what we think today is not the same as what we think 10 years from now. Rest assured, if you are going through the process of [...]

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Moving House – A Survival Guide 4

Moving House – A Survival Guide Week 4 Creating A Space You Love No matter the circumstances, settling in to your new home will take some imagination and a little bit of effort. Here are our top tips for creating a home you love: What do you love to see around you? Pick up some [...]

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Moving House – A Survival Guide 3

Moving House – A Survival Guide Week 3 Building A New Support Network One of the hardest things about moving home is moving away from your friends and family. Building a new support network takes time and can be a lonely process but it will help you to feel at home in a new area. [...]

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Moving House – A Survival Guide 2

Moving House – A Survival Guide Week 2 Settling In To A New Home You’ve arrived in a strange town or countryside community, maybe even a whole new country - what now? The unfamiliar can cause a lot of anxiety and becoming comfortable with your new surroundings will reduce your stress enormously. Give yourself permission [...]

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Moving House – A Survival Guide 1

Moving House – A Survival Guide Week 1 Moving Day There are many reasons why you might need to move house – anything from a change in your circumstances due to bereavement or divorce, a new job or family demands. No matter the circumstances, organising and arranging for a big move is demanding and having [...]

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Being an optimist makes you very attractive!

Being optimistic can have a wide range of benefits, from stronger relationships and lower stress levels to more adventurous career choices and better health, there are many reasons to bring a bit more optimism into your life. To be optimistic is easier than people care to believe. Here are six ways to help you change [...]

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6 Words for love

The very clever Ancient Greeks came up with six words for love: eros, philia, ludus, agape, pragma and philautia. I might not know how to pronounce half of them but I can appreciate the importance these individual words give to the different kind of relationships we have in life! Eros is the first kind of [...]

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Reflection: ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ are a hot topic at this time of the year. We all have good intentions but for many this round of resolutions will be the same as those vowed a year ago.  What happened to all that resolve? To know what worked and what didn’t requires some self-investigation. Why did that [...]

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